"AK-47" -A Free Website Content Management System

How to setup the CMS?

1. Download "ak-47cms.pl" from here .
2. Upload it into your "/cgi-bin" folder.
3. CHMOD it to 755 .
Open "http://www.yourwebsite.com/cgi-bin/ak-47cms.pl" with your browser. If you see this: , you are done with the set up.
If you see "Error 500" or sth similar, go this additional step:
4. Install the following Perl Modules on your server: (This step could be done best by your Hosting Support)
MLDBM qw (SDBM_File)

Your CMS is now ready to go.

How to setup your website?

Ⅰ. Prepare "template.txt"

(You may edit "template.txt" on your computer and upload it into your "/css" folder via FTP, or you may edit it from here: ).
1.Prepare the "template.txt" . If you use a ready template, take the HTML source of any of the pages and save it as "template.txt" .
2. Update the paths of all nested files (".css", ".js" etc) to point to your "/css" folder of your server, like this:
3. Replace the entire HTML code of the main navigation of the website with this tag:<MAIN_NAVIGATION> , like this:
4. Place this tag:<PAGE_CONTENT> , where each page content would be, like this:
5. Place this tag:<META_TAGS> , where each page Meta Tags would be, like this:
6. Place this tag:page_title , where each page Title would be, like this:
Your "template.txt" is now ready to go.

Ⅱ. Prepare "Nav_Module.pm"

"Nav_Module.pm" creates the HTML that replaces the <MAIN_NAVIGATION> tag for each page.
The CMS script calls the "main_navigation()" subroutine of the Nav_Module.pm as seen on the highlighted with green lines here: .
You will find it ready in default barenone state.

1.To customize "Nav_Module.pm" simply add the classes names as seen on the highlighted with green lines here: .
Your "Nav_Module.pm" is now ready to go.
If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Ⅲ. Upload your ".css", ".js" and other files.

1.Use the "CSS Files" section of the CMS as arrows show on this image: to upload in your "/css" folder all files mentioned in your "template.txt" .
2.From the same place upload in your "/css" folder all css images referred inside the css files.

You may upload all files at onces by selecting them all from your computer.
Your may publish the website at this stage to see how it looks like on the frontend.

Ⅳ. Creating the pages of the website.

1.Create new page by selecting it's parent and giving the page a name: . The name you give will show as tab text in the website navigation menu.
2.Edit each page attributes (please see info about here:) by clicking one of these links:
3.Edit the content of each page by clicking any of these two links:
If you prefer to edit your pages on your favorite text editor on your computer and upload them via FTP,
you could download the page source file from your "cgi-bin/pages" folder, do the edits and upload it again.
The source file name is always next to the title of the page, please have a look here:

Dont hesitate to contact me via the chat system.

Working demo:
Frontend demo website: http://www.pozvanete.com
CMS Control Panel: http://www.pozvanete.com/cgi-bin/ak-47cms.pl