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1. Would you be available via phone or email for reasonable support for that year?

2. Will we own the site and the program (CMS)

3. Will I be dependent on your services after pay?

4. Will there be on going cost?

5. What is CMS?

6. What is the time frame to have it up and running with the transferred data from our old site?

7. Do you have shopping carts that I can use?

8. Do all websites cost the same?

9. Will I be provided with the original source code for these templates?

10. What if I want to cancel my subscription? Is there any cancelation fee if I want to remain/transfer

11. Are there any restrictions as it goes for the content present on my website? Can I have an adult web

12. Can I have different languages on my website?

13. Can I access my website through FTP?

14. Can I update my website from any computer?

15. Will you help me to enhance/edit my pictures?

16. Can I host my Best Site Editor CMS website on another server?

17. Can I have my own domain (.com) name?

18. I don't want to use the e-commerce part of the software, do I have to?

19. I already can do html design, can I use my skills with this program?

20. Is there an evaluation version for testing Best Site Editor CMS?

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