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Mistake 5

Business examples of objectives and goals of a web site

How being too price conscious can actually be harmful to your online business objectives It’s a plain and simple fact.

 We all like to think we are getting a good deal – whatever the purchase. But it is also a fact - ‘all that glistens is not gold’. If you are looking for a web designer who is going to help springboard your business online, think hard about simply seeking out the cheapest option. Sure, you should be price conscious but being too price conscious can be a dreadful mistake.

Firstly, you should ask yourself why someone may offer you a solution to your project that is half the price or less than a competitor. Are they cutting corners in some way? Are they using inferior server options? Does the price even include hosting?

Do they work in another job during the week and work on your project in the evenings and weekends – believe me, this happens more than you might think. Fine until you need support. The ideal scenario in locating your project partner – as in all business relationships – is to find someone you are comfortable with and just importantly who are comfortable with you.

What’s that? Surely every designer will want your business, won’t they? Well, actually no. Least not Online Design. You see, we actually turn work away if we don’t think we are a ‘good match’ with a potential client. What do I mean by ‘good match’? Well, it can be any number of things but as an example, we may respectfully decline a project if we are unable to meet the client’s timeline, or I feel we do not ‘communicate’ well at the initial meeting.

Now, some reading this might think we are ‘cherry picking’ clients. Well actually, yes we are, but not in a bad way. You see, by ‘choosing’ our clients – not for the price they are prepared to pay, but the ‘good match’ – we are able to achieve great results every time.

A quick story: You want take a holiday somewhere in the sun, so you search the internet and track down a cheap flight to get you there – in economy. You turn up at the airport looking forward to your hard earned holiday but guess what? You get treated like the 2nd class citizen.

By the time you board the plane, somewhere near last, the ones who paid that bit extra are already comfortably seated drinking a complimentary beverage in what looks like an oversized armchair. You get to your tiny seat and the legroom – well, there is no leg room - but hey, it was a good deal, remember. Eventually, the drinks are offered to you but you have to pay for yours.

 Not so the ‘other’ lot who are downing their 3rd one already and eating decent food with proper cutlery. You arrive at your destination some hours later and you feel like you’ve been to hell and back. The moral: If you pay for economy, you may well get to your destination but expect the ride to be uncomfortable and the service rubbish!

Business examples of objectives and goals of a web site