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It has never been easier to maintain a mobile version of your website  - without any extra effort or any extra payment - completely free of charge. Simply hit the PUBLISH button of your content management system - and voila - your Mobile Device Website is ready for the ever growing army of mobile devices users - iPhone,Android, Blackberry . (currently we maintain this types:android, blackberry, ipad, iphone, ipod, iemobile, webos, googlebot-mobile, opera mini) .  We will be updating this list on a regular basis, following the demand of our clients.

When you publish your main site, the CMS writes a record in your .htaccess file . This record detects when a mobile device user visits your website and redirects him to the mobile version of your website.

If the user decides to look at your desktop website, instead of the mobile, he has a nice button - top right - which allows hime to switch to the desktop website. Since the switch from mobile to the regular website is irreversable, until the mobile browser is refreshed , the user is warned with a confirm window.

You mobile websites is constructed in two parts - default elements  and custom content elements.

The default elements of your mobile websites are the two buttons at the top of the mobile browser, the footer sitemap menu and optionally your website domain name. One of the top buttons is named "MENU" and the other "DESKTOP". Both buttons are complemented with icons.

When the user clicks the MENU button -your website menu is unfolded with the top links. Any top link that has a sublinks is marked with e PLUS-SIGN button, to hint the user that there are sub pages. There is also a PLUS-SIGN button that allows user to expand the entire menu navigation of your website with a single click.

The other defult element is the DESKTOP button, as we explained above.

The optional domain name is displayed on the place of the logo, in case if you don't want to think of a mobile website design for your website. If you upload a logo for the mobile version of your website using the CSS Designer Editor  named 'logo_mobile.' (gif,or jpg or png) - that logo will be visible on the place of your domain name.

The CMS extracts only the main content area of each of your website pages and publish it as a mbile web page.All internal links are updated accordingly , except for the links that serve The Mobile Applications of your website if you maintain.

Every time you publish your website and the version of your website that is for the mobile phones, the CMS updates not only your regular sitemap, but also the sitemap for the mobile website and the homepage sitemap. The homepage sitemap will ensure google that you are not duplicate your content, but simply try to provide content on a suitable form for those who prever to browse the internet through mobile devices.

If you decide to care for your mobile website and want to impress your visitors with a custom mobile website design, you may upload your styles files named as "styles_mobile.css" using the CSS Designer of your CMS . It seems the mobile websites are still in their infancy - since things must be taken in consideration like - limited browser width , limited speed and more limits. Like it used to be 15 years ago with the regular websites building issues. If you check the entire List of Mobile Websites that could be found on the search engines - you will know that the main use of a mobile site is as a teaser for the user - to quickly learn what you offer and to remember to visit you on your desktop website, when he has a chance. The other use are tne Mobile Applications - if you provide the right data of the right moment - the user will use the your service. We have to keep in mind that mobile phone users usually areon the move - travelling in the city, inter citites, on airports etc. They need the right information and the ability to use it - to make a registration or to get the info. We will mention about the Mobile Applications in a separate page of our website.

The fastest way to learn how Best Site Editor CMS can help you maintain Free Mobile Websites is the use the Demo Of Mobile Website Editor . Make some changes on any of the pages there, publish and open it through your mobile phone device. If you don have mobile device or access to internet from your obile phone, feel free to use the emulator below. Enter in the URL field and see how the changes you made appear on a mobile device. You may also use our website domain - being maintained with the same CMS - it benefits of all benefits.


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