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How to Choose a Web Designer

How choosing the wrong designer can cost you more than just money – it could send your potential customers into the hands of your competitor Sounds simple doesn’t it? You need a new company website to showcase your products or services to the market place.

You have a look at a few web designers’ websites, maybe talk to a couple of the ones you like the look of and get quotes, all of which seem reasonable to you. So, how do you go about choosing the best designer that fits the bill to work with you on your project and thus avoid a potentially costly mistake? Simple. Just ask these 6 litmus test questions - amongst others ;-):

1) What experience do they have in your field or industry?

2) What results have they achieved for other clients?

3) Do they outsource or use freelancers overseas to do the work for them?

4) What can you expect from them and their company in the way of ongoing support?

5) Do they offer any kind of guarantees?

 6) Can you meet them for a chat and a coffee at their office/business address? If the answer to any of these questions does not receive a satisfactory answer in your eyes, tread carefully.

 We regularly re-work projects that were originally attempted by the business owner’s nephew, neighbour or friend or they just took the cheapest option in town. I’m not saying we are the most expensive, far from it but you do get what you pay for in life.

We’ve all heard that countless times. I should point out that item #6 does not necessarily mean a business should have a plush office in the city. Many perfectly reputable businesses base their ‘office’ at home but if they are a reputable business, they will be happy meet you there.

So, when setting out on choosing a web designer to work with you on your project, don’t be afraid to direct the questions above and be totally happy with your choice on all levels. Make a wrong call here and you could not only hand all your business to a competitor, you might well end up spending more money later to correct the mistake and start all over. Making business choices can be hard enough.

When it comes to making a choice about a website designer, don’t rush the process. Ask guidance and recommendations from friends or business associates who have gone through the same process successfully – but ask those questions.

How to Choose the right Web Designer