Don't Leave The Best Alone!

Get Them Interested

How can you get your reader interested in something?

Get Them Interested

This isn’t as easy as it sounds. Why? Well, it is a well

Whether that statistic is actually true or not is neither here nor there, the point is that when someone picks up your sales letter, they are more than likely focusing on something else rather than your sales message.

known fact (so I am told) that men think about sex every six seconds. Therefore if you write a sales letter that takes 5 minutes to read, your carefully crafted sales pitch is interrupted 50 times.

Get to know them

How can you get your reader interested in something if you don’t know what makes them tick?

You have to get to know them intimately.

Stop right there. I am not suggesting for one moment that you dash out and romance every member of your target audience. You’d be far too knackered to write anything.

But you do need to understand their idiosyncrasies, their motivations, their innermost fears and desires.

Work out a psychological profile of your

ideal reader



Place a metaphorical arm around their shoulder

Let’s suppose your reader has a problem – they could be feeling stressed, bored, unfulfilled, ambitious…your job is to find a way to tie your product to their problem as the


Show them you understand how they feel, then promise to take the problem away. All they have to do is buy your product. Make sure though you write about the solution not the problem.


If you write about the problem, your negativity will result in your letter being folded into an aeroplane.

How will my reader’s life be improved if they do what I want them to do?

If you answer that question in the first sentence or paragraph you’ll have them hooked.

If you are not entirely sure what your reader wants, bring in as many

as possible and be specific.

Try the ‘so what?’ test.

Read out a line of your letter that you think is selling the

Now imagine your reader’s response. If you can hear them saying ‘so what?’ it’s not a benefit. When they would feel stupid asking ‘so what?’ you’ve cracked it!

of your product.


What are the benefits?

They are anything the reader perceives as valuable or worthwhile:

feature. The benefit
would be that it helps preserve natural resources. Get it? It’s quite simple really. benefit to them.

something that will make money

something that will save money

something that will save time

something that will get them promoted

If your product is recyclable, that is a

The result?

Now you have your reader interested in your product because you have identified why your product will be of

What sex are they?

How old are they?

What are their values?

Are they head or heart people?

What do they want more of in their lives?