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Mistake 2

How to build a website - mistakes to avoid

How to drive qualified traffic to your business or website and avoid the common mistake many other businesses make in their own efforts! We are all surrounded by them every single day.

We see them on the television, in shops, magazines, newspapers, post office windows....everywhere. And this next mistake goes pretty much hand in hand with the first one above: Advertisements Advertisements insist on telling us how good this service is or how wonderful that product is.

 We even know it’s a sales pitch that’s written by the business owner or the store manager or maybe even the marketing department, all trying to tempt us into a purchase but so often fails to do so. Why? I’ll tell you… Open your local yellow pages and look for say, Plumbers.

Which ads jumps out at you the most? I’ll bet you anything you like, amongst the pages and pages of them, it’s the one that says something like; “Got a blocked drain? We’ll be there in 20 minutes to fix it or you don’t pay us a penny... guaranteed. Call 24 hours a day”.

Of course it’s an advertisement but it’s an advertisement that works. Imagine for a moment that you were in fact in real need of plumber to fix a blocked drain –it could happen! Which would get your call? An advert like the one above or one that says something like: “At Best Drains Ltd, we take care of your underground workings. A family business, we have over 20 years experience in unblocking drains so that you can relax in our safe hands” See the difference?

The first advert answers your needs and quite frankly, all you want at that moment in time, is a plumber round your place pronto to fix the problem. Result: advert number one will get about 10 calls to every 1 the other company gets – if not more. So the object is (in the case of the plumber), identify the problem, offer an irresistible solution and make a call for action – to a hungry crowd.

It can be that easy to generate new leads/enquiries/sales. Nobody honestly gives a monkey that you may have been in business since the year dot – ask Woolworths. You have a problem (in the plumbers’ case) and need someone to help you resolve it – fast.

Next time you find yourself sitting scratching your head at the keyboard trying to come up with a catchy advert, think of the plumber ads. Don’t simply write a load of verbal about how great you are and why potential customers should call you – identify what you can offer in the way of a solution or improvement to them and provide them with the solution.

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