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Increase Your Conviction Rate

Increase Your Conviction Rate

Don’t worry we are still talking about your marketing writing here. You haven’t taken a wrong turn and found yourself in the middle of a Police training manual.

Getting your reader’s attention, interest and creating a desire is one thing. But now is not the time to sit back and relax with your arms behind your head dreaming of the exotic destination you are going to jet off to once you’ve made your first million (well, at least your first few thousand).

You still have one problem – THEY’RE NOT BUYING.

You haven’t yet managed to prise their credit cards out of their wallets or purses.

Why aren’t they buying?

They’re not buying because you haven’t

They could be stalling because they are naturally cautious; perhaps it is because they are suspicious of you or your product.

They don’t want to be taken for a ride so you have to convince them to make them feel that it is

convinced them that they need your product. safe to buy.




Make your reader feel really secure by using as many of the above as you can.

A few things for you to try to increase your conviction rate:

Customer testimonials

– if they don’t believe you perhaps they will believe your existing customers.

Give them a free sample

(some people love them)

A free trial

back guarantee

This list isn’t exhaustive by any means, I am sure you can think of plenty more.

A money

Give the statistics