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My website visitors information and Value

Why not knowing ‘who’ visited your site this week is costing you money If you were to ask me how many ‘hits’ our own website received last week, I honestly do not know.

However, ask me ‘who’ visited my site last week and I can give you information that is far more useful. I can tell you that there were (as an example) 40 visitors who searched for my business by name, browsed through an average of 5 pages for an average time of 4 minutes.

I could tell you exactly what another 161 visitors searched for and with which search engine, and what they hoped to find. I could tell you which page they ‘landed’ on and which page they decided to ‘exit’ from. I can tell you which search engines passed me the most visitors and which referral sites were the most effective. I could also tell you how many of the visitors were genuine potential customers and which may have landed on our site ‘by mistake’.

Why is this useful? Well, let us say that from those 201 visitors I did not receive one enquiry through our website yet I can see that 20 or more actually decided to exit from the site whilst on the contact page. What then is going wrong?

We have plenty of visitors to our site – even making it to the contact page, but no new contacts were made. Well, let’s see. 20 visitors navigated through to the contact page yet never made contact with us. Hmmm. Let’s go and take look at our contact page and see if we can see the problem. Ah ha. I see the problem. The contact form is asking the visitor to give far too much information – everything from phone numbers to inside leg measurements.

The solution: To cut the contact gathering information down to the basics: Name, number and email address. The result: enquires start to roll in!

This is just sample set of figures of course but in actual fact the story is very true because it happened to us in the early days. But without the visitor information at our finger tips we could not have seen the trends that alerted us to the problem. If you think getting 10,000 hits on your website each week is cool but not getting any new business, you’re looking in the wrong direction.

Far better to have just 500 hits and have them all contact or buy from you! It’s not about how many hits you get, it’s about achieving how many leads, enquiries, customers, sales or whatever your online objectives are that matters.

So, if you already have a website, ask your provider for daily or weekly visitor statistics and study them. It only takes a couple of minutes but it could save you a lot of wasted time effort and money if you need to take corrective decisions. If you don’t have this information, it’s like driving a car wearing a blindfold – how the heck do you know where you’re going?

My website visitors information and Value