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Our Make a Payment routine

How you make a payment

1.We send you a detailed PayPal Invoice

When we understand what exactly services you need for your website project we will create and send you a PayPal Invoice.

In the invoice you will see each service described line by line. If you find that something in the invoice is not exactly as we have agreed by the phone or by the email - we edit the invoice and send it again .

2.How do you pay the invoice?

You may pay it any convenient for you method . A credit/debit cart, bank transfer , paypal or eCheck. You do not have to have a PayPal account to pay the Invoice.

3.Why the eCheck payment option guarantee you that you will get the service you are paying for?

When you pay with eCheck the payment show in our account , but we cannot use it until the eCheck is cleared. You determine how long after payment the eCheck will clear - 3,5 ,7 or more days. You may cancel this eCheck at any moment during this period and payment will not happen. During the first days we provide most of our service needed for your website - website activation and setup, Content Management System installation , sending you the link to the Control Panel of the CMS , customization of the turnkey design you have purchased, any application of you choice implementation. You will see all this work done and you will start using your CMS during this time. This way you will be sure that you get the service you pay for and that you are dealing with committed legitimate service providers , what we are indeed.

Although you may cancel the payment, seeing that you have attempted the payment is a guarantee for us also that you are a committed client by your side also

What is an eCheck in detail?

eChecks are one type of bank payment and usually take 6-8 business days* to process. They are used when buyers have not linked a backup payment source (like a debit or credit card) to their PayPal accounts, or when a transaction is too risky to allow an instant payment.

How does an eCheck work?

The money is withdrawn from the buyer's bank within a day or two. As soon as we receive confirmation of sufficient funds from the bank, we'll deposit the money into your PayPal account. The entire process takes 6-8 business days.*

Can I cancel an eCheck?

Yes. Click Cancel at the bottom of your transaction details page. If we have not begun processing the payment, we will cancel it outright. If we have already begun processing the payment, we'll refund the money into the buyer's PayPal account.

*Note: Bank processing times vary by the buyer's country.

Australia 3-5 business days
Brazil 1-3 business days
Canada 6-8 business days
France 8-10 business days
Netherlands 4-6 business days
United Kingdom 5-7 business days
United States 3-5 business days