Don't Leave The Best Alone!

And Action

People buy from people. The more human you portray yourself to be, the more your customers will be able to relate to you.

By now, you are either on your third cup of tea or your first one has gone cold because you have been completely engrossed in these words of wisdom.

We have come a long way. So far you have:



You have their


You’ve created a

They are now so

Now all that’s left is to get them to take

desire so they really want your product convinced
they are reaching for their cheque book action.

The ‘Call to Action’

If your call to action is weak, then the rest of your hard work would have been for nothing. Your reader will click on to another website, or put your letter or brochure away and switch on the television.

Although it is the last thing on the list, the call to action doesn’t have to be left until last. Feel free to sprinkle them throughout your letter or website page.


If you are writing an email, use hyperlinks, then once they have read enough and they have made the decision to buy, they can act immediately.


Put simply, your CTA should be

short, simple, direct and clear.

Give them various ways to get in touch or place their order – by phone, fax, email etc.

Make sure your order form is clear and simple to complete

Make it a command – ‘order now’


Here are a few things to remember and avoid when writing your CTA:Ambiguity is bad

– don’t confuse your reader

Watch your wordiness

– you’ve made your pitch, now get straight to the point

Don’t be vague

– leave them in no doubt as to what they need to do


Money, Money, Money

You are now fully equipped to create marketing materials that will:


Marketing is an ongoing process. Just because one method is working for you now doesn’t mean it always will.

Don’t let it get stale

One thing you can’t afford to do is let your sales message get stale. Try and be topical if you can especially if you are doing an email campaign. If you can tie your product in with something that is happening in the world or a special day (e.g. Mothers’ Day) it will have a bigger impact.

If you have a website, make sure you update your content regularly – the search engines love new information to get their spiders into.


Raise your profile

Increase your credibility in the market place. Make yourself an expert, a name to be trusted.

How? Well, by:

People buy from people. The more human you portray yourself to be, the more your customers will be able to relate to you.

Having your own blog

Submitting articles to online sites (linked back to your website of course), try and get them into trade press, local magazines etc.

Joining a few online forums and participating in discussions.

You see good marketing isn’t just about glossy brochures and fancy websites.Grab your reader’s attention

Get them interested in your product or service

Create a desire for your product or service

Convince them that they want to buy from you

Make them take action

That just leaves one thing.

You now have to decide how you are going to spend all that wonderful cash that is going to come flooding your way!

Got your reader’s