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Best cms for seo

Best cms for seo best content management software

Watch this easy and informative slide show tutorial to learn how it happens BestSiteEditor to be Best CMS for SEO .


If the above tutorial did not convinced you that our BestSiteEditor CMS is the best for search engine optimization of your website I will try with few more words to do it.

First of all I will elaborate on the word "whim" . Some will say that whim is an "an odd or capricious notion or desire; a sudden or freakish fancy", others will classify it as "a sudden, passing, and often fanciful idea; impulsive or irrational thought" . I like the second better.

Lets say your website offers a content management system that focuses on seo optimization and in a certain moment of your like you have a whim to target one of your pages to those users that will search for the best content management software that is dedicated to seo.

If the content management system that you use to manage your website does not makes this absolutely easy, your whim might soon disappear, because you might have other important things to do. But if the CMS you use makes it really easy, you will give a go ahead to your whim and you will say "Why not- it will take me 3 minutes"

And here you go - your objective is clear - to add on page to your website that is Search Engine Optimized to the target phrase "best content management system for seo". What you do first?



You open Google and write "best" then you write "content" and then you wait 1/567 of a second - and google helps you by suggesting you the entire phrase "best content management system for seo". You say to yourself "Well, well, well. So many people are using the phrase 'best content management system for seo'".

But you keep on thinking to yourself and you say "Well, google says that the phrase 'best content management for search engine optimisation'" is in trunover, but are all the people ready to write such a long phrase ?". And then you click the search button of google and after that you scroll down and you see that google suggests you a shroter version for this search "best cms for seo". Aha you say.

Then there will be a moment of hesitation the longer or the shorter phrase . You toss a coin and you bet for the shorter, abbreviated phrase. Afterall everybody knows that CMS srtands for a Content Management System and that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

Then you simply create new page and Hit the "Meta Tags" to open the SEO control panel , that is convenienly on the same page . YOu Enter "Best CMS for SEO" as Title , Description and URL of the page and click SUBMIT. Bingo. The 50% of the SEO optimisation is done. The next is to write the main text of the page.

You may write anything, even beating about the bush, as long as you use words in your target phrase, in this case "best cms for seo". And of you happen to have English as a mother tongue you will benefit by your knowledge and will use word stemming and synonims. Google is that smart to evaluate such things.

If you can coind a real interesting meaningfull text would be great. But if you cannot make a meaningfull text, you dont have to worry. Write anything that looks like text on the subject phrase. People are lazy to read and google is not that smart to evaluate if the text is meaningfull or it is just heap of empty phrases like in this case.

If you are reading this text this far , waw you eaither are special person or simply you are a SEO specialist who amuses himself with the way I write and write simply to fill up the text.