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Convert website to cms

Convert Website To CMS

We will convert your website into Best Site Editor Content Management System free of charge.

Why free?!

First, it takes about 30 minutes to convert a website of average 50 pages. When the content is available and the navigation hierarchy is already built, the rest is just Copy/Paste.

Second, you, as a website owner , are VIP client for us because you already are well familiar with many of the things about maintaining a website.

Third, you seek a CMS - that means a lot for us.

The conversion process is similar to the starting a new website (Joseph's 3 easy steps) , only this time you will see your website  through temporary address - the so called "Instant access domain alias". This is just another URL and will look something like .

When you see your website converted and when you become familiar of how our CMS works, you will make your decision whether to stay with us . You simply update the Name servers of your domain.

Whether to move a CMS to your current website location or to update your Name servers and to navigate your website to the server of the CMS is a question similar to if Mohamed to go to the mountain or the mountain to Mohamed. In both cases you have to trust the company you get involved. You will either grant them access to your server or you will redirect your domain to the server where their CMS is. We have chosen the second, since you are safer - in any moment you may decide to navigate your domain again to a third server and you are safe.

Seeing the control panel of your CMS with the content of your own website makes it all the more easier to get the idea of how the system is working.

If you have currently web applications and data associated with them on your current website. We can re-build these applications and integrate them to your CMS at a bargain price. During the rebuilding process your could ask for any improvement of the functionality. Sure there are such, and this improvements will compensate you what you pay. We will take care of transferring the current databases associate with your applications.

If you have a spare domain name which you do not use, you may start the transfer with it and monitor the conversion. When we have your trust enough , you may ask us to redirect your current Alfa domain.

In a nut shell: we rebuild your website on a temporary address, you test it and when your a happy enough you redirect  your domain name to the new address.



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