Don't Leave The Best Alone!

Partners And Resellers

BestSiteEditor CMS is allways looking for new professional partners and freelancers.

There is a lot to do - contact us if you are interested in working with The BestSiteEditor CMS or in a partnership with our company.

Please take a look at this following URL :

It has been especially prepared for our partners and is a fully featured working demo of our BestSiteEditor CMS. The password is 'demo'.

This demo is completely free of any signs of BestSiteEditor CMS .

And therefore is a Blank Label Demo.

You may use it to demonstrate to your clients the complete CMS program without pushing our brand.

This is the so called "Private Label" or "White Label" reselling. When your client makes the decision to use the CMS system, you get in touch with us. 

If you host a website with us, you may have the same demo branded with your company signs. As well you may want to have a link on your website - "Powered By Your Company Name".

Anyone who clicks on this link will see your company branded demo and will contact you. We do all the work while you stay hidden in the background.

The best partner reseller is a company with employees that communicate with the people face to face on a regular basis.

Get in touch for our special partnership Private Label terms.