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The CMS in WYSIWYG mode

image of the control panel of the content management system control panel The Control Panel of the CMS in WYSIWYG mode. The screenshot is from this very website, in editable mode. We offer two WYSIWYG editors, this one and one called PAGINATOR . The Paginater makes it possible managing huge texts that appear paginated on the frontend website.

The SEO Analyzer CP

image of the seo analyzer control panel of the best site editor cmsThe Control Panel of the SEO Analyzer. Everything you need to conveniently and consistently SEO manage your website. Sort the search queries by phrases, words and hits. Get keywords suggestions. Editor the meta tags and the browsable URLs of each page, while analyzing the search phrases.

The CSS Editor CP

CSS Editor helping application big image of the control panel The CSS editor lets you edit your current CSS design by either giving the task to CSS designer, or do it yourself. Also you could create brand new Design for your website. Even maintain a whole "wardrobe" of design, and easy switch - lets say - "on occasion"


The Layout/Design Library CP

Control Panel of the Design Library of Best Site Editor CMS builder View of the ever growing design library. You may preview any of available layouts with your website current content. Adopting the design you like is just a click job. After that change an image or two from the CSS Designer (above) - and here you are - with customized professional CSS design for your website.

The Chart Editor

Chart editor creator of Best Site Editor CMS content management systemEasy create and insert professional charts. No other CMS offers this treat. You can't help have a professional look with the Best Site Editor Content Management System

The Components Library CP

Best site editor CMS Templates Components Library Control panel The templates component library is another treat. After having the overall design well fine tuned, now you may want to quickly choose the layout of each page, select professional table layout or list or a whole page.

Best Site Editor CMS is seo friendly content management system, because it makes it easy for the end user to easy create seo friendly pages with seo friendly URLs. That is very important, because one of the factors that contributes for high SERP is the words used in the URL of the web pages. Here the easiness comes with the positioning of the CP for seo optimization of the meta tags and the URL address of the page together with the page content itself.

Helpfull is also the SEO Analyzer, where user may edit the meta tags and the URLs while analyzing the results from the website visits. The shopping cart is also a seo friendly shopping cart.