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Free Online Website Builder

Free Online Website Builder

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Your Free Website Builder will let you create a great design and save the COMPLETED website as a ZIP file which you will download to your PC.

To install the new website on your own hosting, you should simply UNZIP it, open the new folder called YOURWEBSITE.COM, select all(CTRL+A) and upload it in the root (there where is your index.html file ) on your Hosting Place .

Before you start building your website, it would be very helpful if you have a look at these story-board tutorials: Website Builder Tutorials . You should get the feel of how the system works in no more than ten minutes.

If you have the content of your site ready such as the texts and images for the pages, the system will make it possible for you to create an even bigger site. A page could be created and formatted in no more than 5 minutes. In two hours you could make a website with about 30 pages.

Creating a design from scratch is time consuming. You can make your website very quickly if you use this list of free template designs. Simply remember the name of the template and select it later from the list of designs in the editor.

You are welcome to read our frequently asked questions here: Free Website Builder FAQs.

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