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10 Mistakes To Avoid

How to build website ten mistakes to avoid when chosing website maker

Firstly, as a working business ourselves, clients pay us their hard earned money to achieve results on their behalf to implement, or not as the case may be, some or all of the strategies and techniques as covered in this pages.

That said, we do not wish to insult your intelligence but it is important to understand this guide cannot be all things to all businesses or people. That would be a pretty wild claim.

However,  this information is at your disposal, you can seriously tip the balance of success of your online activities, and therefore your business, much more favourably in your direction.

Each page here has a unique place in online marketing and not all of them may be applicable to you and your business – but I’d like to bet that at least some of them are. It’s worth also noting that this is not an exhaustive list.

That it so say, there are many other things you can do to further increase your online success.  Once you grasp the information here (it’s not rocket science, really) you will soon see how a number of these factors grouped together will help make your online goal more achievable.


A word of warning: Don’t be put off by the information contained within this guide. Take the ones you can on board – the more the better – and implement them into your online activities. Pretty soon,  you will start to see the real power of the Internet and what it can do for your business and its bottom line. If you still feel this is beyond your scope worry not. Just drop us a line - or give us a call directly - and we can have a chat about any issues you may have. A chat costs nothing!


Mistake 1:The hungry crowd -website to make websites.

Mistake 2:How to build a website - mistakes to avoid.

Mistake 3:Website redesign and converting to CMS - mistakes to avoid.

Mistake 4:How to Choose a Web Designer?

Mistake 5:Business examples of objectives and goals of a web site .

Mistake 6:Getting listed on the 1st page of search engines -Search Engine Placement Tips.

Mistake 7:My website visitors information and Value.

Mistake 8:Cutting marketing budget -marketing plan and marketing strategies e-marketing.

Mistake 9:Web services - create a website for free.

Mistake 10:The offline files.