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CMS Features

NEW:Website For Mobile Devices

You don't have to do anything extra, in order to maintain the mobile version of your website. With each publishing a paralel version of your website is published in mobile-optimised vesrion . A record in your .htaccess file is being made - that will redirect the mobile users to the mobile website.
Any of the web applications available in our module library works seamlessly on mobile devices.
If you do nothing about your mobile website design, then it will display the default top navigation buttons MENU - showing the tree navigation of your website and DESKTOP - giving option to the user to switch to the desktop website. If you upload your logo named - logo_mobile.png (or gif or jpg) then it will show . If not - your domain name will be placed as your logo. To change the design of your mobile website simply upload styles_mobile.css in your CSS Designer section.
Everytime you publish your site, together with the regular sitemap.xml , a mobile sitemap - sitemapmobile.xml is updated. First publish also makes a sitemaphomepage.xml with your mobile sitemap listed- to saveguard you of your mobile site being taken for duplicate content. .


No downloads and uploads
No limits of number of pages, images or database records. Besides the unreachable 1GB disk space(which is negotiable), there are not limits.
Every page exists entirely independently from the database and from the other pages

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Easy edit any meta tags you want. Each page Meta tags CP goes paralel with the page.
Fit the URLs with the best for your SEO words. When you change the page URL, the old URL goes as a record in the .htaccess file with redirect to the new URL . When you delete a page , the URL of the deleted page URL goes to the .htaccess file as redirect to the home page. This way the page rank that the renamed or deleted page has is not lost.

Navigation Menu

The hierarchy tree of the pages are graphically mapped for easy oraganising the pages
To change to location of a page in the hierarchy tree simply drag and drop it.
The navigation tree is endless in all dimensions length and depth
Start new page or move temporarily existing one to the Private Folder. Private folder is not published in internet.


Edit the pages content in Word Like editor mode or in source HTML
Easy switch between preview and editing at any moment. Preview with or without last changes.
Set each page charset alphabet for a desired language.
Images and all media file are easily uploaded and inserted in the pages.
Use the components library to insert CSSS preformatted parts like tables,lists or entire pages. Each CSS design might have its separate from the general library. This is helpfull not to start each page from a scratch

Web Applications (Modules)

Easy implementation of the applications in the module library. Select it as the Page "Content Type" and it is active.
Use the existing applications to figure out how you would like an apllication to work for your needs. When we build you a custome web aplication, that is based on the existing one, the cost is much more reasonable.

Frontend Website Design

The website design is separate from the website content. Can be changed with a single click. Can be changed as many times as the website owner decides
More than 200 design available in the library .

CSS Designer Control Panel

Use the CSS Designer CP to create new or to adapt non CMS dsign or to ocustomise any of the designs available in the library
CSS designers might use the CSS Designer CP to publish their designs into the common Best Site Editor Library. They protect their project, if it is not published for free usage, by implementing in the design images their branding and contact information.

SEO Analyzer

All search phrases and words that bring the visitors to the website are collected in a database. Then this data is presented in tables , sorted by occurencies or compared with the each page text or meta tags values.
All site visits are chart presented by search engine referer
Each page SEO can be analyzed against the actual search results
Graphical path of the visitor while on the site. Each visitor location IP, referer, search words that brough her on the site and system language recorded
All Search Phrases from the search queries sorted by occurrences
All Search Words sorted by occurrences
Sorted by occurrences and filtered out of minimal number based on a pointed number of days back
Sorted by occurrences and filtered out of minimal number based on a pointed number of days back
The usuall paths that visitor passes through the website ,sorted by occurrences and filtered out of minimal number based on a pointed number of days back

Sub Account

Give access to third party to edit your website content. You limit each account to edit from a sertain page in the hierarchy and below.
If you use the Live Support of the BestSiteEditor CMS you might assign Live Support Operators Accounts, that are entire independant from the CMS.