Don't Leave The Best Alone!

Live Chat Software

The in-built Live Support (chat) System that goes with every copy of BestSiteEditor CMS is surely one of the features that makes us stand out in the sea of Web Content Management Systems. No one else offer this option.

What would cost you from 20 to 100 USD per month to give Live Support to your website visitors, here you have it free of charge with the all inclusive CMS hosting package.

The BestSiteEditor CMS is WHITE LABEL (no brand is shown except of your domain name). The live chat system could be used with limitless number of operators, assigned by you from your CMS Control panel. The system is easy to use and no learning is needed. It is browser based, needs no installation(you will find it already installed). As long the operator stays logged in and keeps the Live Support Browser window open - the website visitors will see the Live Support Icon "ON LINE" - and when they click - they could chat directly with the operator.

The Live chat icons "On line" and "Offline" are customized for every website design.

Actually, the INSTANT DEMO website is also equipped with this Live Support Support System. You may want to save yourself time of reading, but to test drive it now.

To test drive the Live Chat of our CMS please follow this steps:

1.Enter the INSTANT DEMO Admin Control panel.

2.Click the "Access" icon

Live support system Instant Demo Access step one

3.Create New Live Support Operator Account by assigning user name and password. 

Creating new Live Support Operator Account

 4.Click "My Live Support" icon and login with the user name and password you  gave to the test account.

Opening the Live Support System and loggint to the account

5. The Live Support icon on the front end website no switch to "ON LINE" -click on it - the chat window opens. And you as website visitor - send the firs line.

Frontend website visitor click the LIvesupport Icon to open the chat window

6. The Website Visitor button becomes red colored and a bell sound tells the operator that there is visitor who needs live support. The Operator clicks the button , and start chatting with the visitor.

Live support operator starts to chat with the website visitor


* If you find that there is no Live Support Icon in the front end website, that means that someone else has changed the design of the INSTANT DEMO to a design skin that has no Live Support icon implemented.

Then do the following:

1.Click "Designs" icon in the CMS Control Panel

2.Click "Design Library" button

3.Drop the "Business" drop down list and select the "Smart Corporation" design.

4.Finally click "Take This Design" and your are done. The Smart Corporation Design has Live Support Icon.

Selecting design with Live Support system in it