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Only BestSiteEditor CMS gives you CHART CREATOR included

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One might say not big deal, but with the market today it is not easy to find I reason to say WE STAND OUT.

Yes, it is so, we a constantly checking of the competition - and it is truly so - only BestSiteEditor offers ability to integrate charts , and update them, whenever you decide.

Most web applications today use boring methods to present data to their viewers using grids or simple HTML tables.

Our Chart Creator will induce "life" into the pages of your website by converting monotonous data into lively charts, gauges & maps.

Coming soon charts that connect to  databases of our Web applications   to render animated & interactive charts.

It takes less than 15 minutes and no expertise whatsoever to build your first chart and just a glance of it to captivate your audience.

So go ahead, sign up today and  and start "wow-ing" your customers now!