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Website Services

CMS Hosting -Custom Web Applications Development
CSS Design-Website Facelifting - Website Takeaway

CMS Website Hosting

Navigate to us-it's easy and takes 5 minutes .

We'll setup your website and will provide you the information you need to it's CMS Control Panel.

If you are happy with any of our Free Designs and our inbuilt applications (Blog, Shop, FAQ , Community and much more to mention) give you the additional functionality you might need - then the entire cost for your website could be only $180 USD.

You can upgrade your website with a new custom design or custom web application any time in the future and without affecting the content you have already uploaded .

Custom CSS Webdesign

You may have any of the Free Designs profoundly customized to your liking for one time fee of $120 USD

You may buy out A Unique Turnkey Design on it's price, which includes complete customization

You may order us to create your custom design from scratch. Average cost for this service is $550 USD.

Custom Web Applications Development

Online Shops, Booking Systems, Customer Relations Management Systems , User Registration Systems or ANY unique functionality you might need for your website - we are completely ready and capable to develop and implement into your website.

It takes 1-2 weeks to take or order and 2-5 weeks to develop you application.

If you host your website with us , the basic hosting fee includes the Application Management Support.

Website Facelifting

You may love your website and your website may do a good job for you, but time passes and things change - the design becomes outdated, the competition is already ahead on that point, your current design does not reflect well your brand any more, your current design does hinders the usability and much more to mention.

We could completely redesign and reorganize your website using your current content. ...Read more.

Website Takeaway

If you have already established the hosting place for your website and you need just your HTML pages for it - we could build your website, pack it into a zip folder and send it to you. You only care will be to unzip and upload the stuff to your hosting place. The price could be as low as $120 USD + $25 USD per page.