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Mistake 1

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NOT identifying your ‘hungry crowd’ – before getting started in business.

It’s a fact today that all too often businesses believe that by simply having a great product or service means there will be a demand for it. They open up ‘shop’ stick up an open sign or website and wait for the customers to roll in. This is one of the most common mistakes many businesses still continue to make today – especially online businesses.

Yes, you may well have invented the most efficient way to take 4 layers of paint off old woodwork in one go – with perfect results and at half the price of conventional methods, spent the kids inheritance getting it off the ground because the banks wouldn’t lend you the money, (did they know something you didn’t?) and lost all your hair in the process, but did you check your idea would appeal to a hungry market first?

Ask yourself this question? Does your product or service solve a problem or make the life better in some way for the purchaser? No? Then you may not have a hungry market that will be eager to beat a path to your door. If it does, do you know where and how to reach your hungry crowd of customers? Sure, any business may well make some sales, most do, but in order to make the business really succeed, they first need to have a product or service that is ‘enriches’ the life of the purchaser in some way.

By identifying and locating your hungry market, you can then get that market to come to you instead of the ‘scatter gun’ method of chasing customers.

Take our business of internet design and marketing for example. We receive a steady stream of enquiries per week yet we do not advertise in any press, yellow pages, local magazines or elsewhere. We don’t even advertise on the internet itself – except for our own website of course. In essence, we simply located a hungry crowd that’s looking - or more importantly, has a need for our services, and then position ourselves to able to service them! Don’t be confused here.

We are not all things to all businesses but there are sufficient businesses out there that are ‘a good fit’ and require the very service we offer and as such, they form our hungry crowd. The good news is that if you’ve already started your business, there are ways in which you can easily check the market and establish where you’re hungry crowd is hiding for you to tap into.

If you’re just getting a business started, don’t overlook this vital part of getting up and running. Here’s one quick way. Head over to and run a search related to your products or service. The search results will tell you, amongst other things how many people are ‘actively’ looking for what you provide.

The great thing about tools like WordPot is you can drill down to really target your customers. Search for ‘railways’ for example and look at the results. Bet you might not have realised there were so many choices in railways! A model railway shop might have chosen to target ‘scenic railways’ but based on these results, what a disaster that would be – there are not sufficient numbers searching for them.

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